Thursday, January 29, 2009

BBC Corporation will create the largest catalog of the paintings.

By 2012 the UK will be a single electronic catalog of oil paintings from public collections country. The project "Your Paintings" ( "Your pictures") will oversee the corporation BBC, which will place all the pictures with descriptions on its website. It is about 200 thousands of paintings, and 80 percent of them are in the reserves.
Along with the BBC project "Your Paintings" will deal with the nonprofit fund Public Catalogue Foundation, which since 2003 is the creation of directories of public art collections country. By 2009, the Fund has processed about 30 percent of the paintings.
The project of establishing a national directory of painting is part of a new great cultural BBC. Among the initiatives of the corporation mentioned stoseriyny opera "The World History of hundred items, which will lead the British Museum director Neil MacGregor. Along with the broadcast museum will demonstrate the relevant exhibits. The project is scheduled for 2010.

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