Thursday, January 29, 2009

Journal Ogonek "in early February is not out.

Chief editor of Ogonyok Viktor Loshak said in early February issue of the publication is not renewed, reports "Interfax" on Thursday, January 29.
According Loshak, the situation around the "lights" remains uncertain. "There is no clarity yet. One owner went (means" Telecominvest "), the other - has not appeared. The team is on leave," - said the agency Glavred "lights".
Recall that the issue will not go in January it was reported in late December of last year. Then on the website and publications in the latest issue of the year it was reported that "because of the need to reorganize the publishing house of Christmas break, during which" Ogonek will not go, may be prolonged. "
In the beginning of the year, Russian media wrote that the potential buyer "lights" can be a publishing house "Kommersant", but the general Demyan Kudryavtsev this information is not confirmed. But the message that "Telecominvest" looking for a buyer for the magazine, not refuted.
  On Thursday, a few Russian bloggers have reported that the publishing house "Kommersant" has bought the entire photo journal, starting in 1923. "" unable to obtain the comments in "Kommersant" and the chief editor of "lights" Victor Loshak this information is not confirmed.
A weekly illustrated magazine Ogonyok "goes to 1899 and is the oldest public policy publishing in Russia. In December 2009, the brand "Ogonek" turns 110 years old.

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