Friday, January 23, 2009

Sarkozy of France will provide young people a free subscription to the newspaper.

Vosemnadtsatiletnie French get a free subscription to any one newspaper of your choice. With such a statement was made on Friday, January 23, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said France Presse.
It is noted that the measure would be one of the forms of state support for the French newspaper industry, is severely affected by global financial crisis. The state reimburses the cost of delivery of newspapers, newspapers in the program. Sarkozy also promised to reduce taxes for the distributors of the printed press and double the state fund intended to buy advertising space in newspapers.
In addition to the economic component, the program has another goal. According to the AFP, even before the crisis, representatives of the newspaper industry have repeatedly expressed a significant reduction in demand for newspapers, especially among young Frenchmen. As the French leader proposed measure will also help "develop the habit of reading among young people in the press."

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