Friday, January 30, 2009

On the London buses shows "God is."

KommentariiAteizm to kolesah21.01.2009Hristianskaya advertising sparked a response atheistic kampaniyuTelekompaniya "Russian Hour" will deploy for 25 London buses slogan "God is. Do not worry. Enjoy life!" (There IS God. Don't worry. Enjoy life!), RIA Novosti.Aktsiya, which begins March 9, will answer to the atheistic ad campaign, which appeared in the London bus with the inscription "It seems that there is no God. Stop worrying, enjoy life. "
According to the director of the Russian hours "Alexander Korobko, Christian action was welcomed by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church in London and Moscow. In addition to the slogan on the buses will be deployed image dome of Trinity-Sergius Lavra.
"There are very difficult times, there have been a massive 'programming' the crisis, this time a person must meet to receive a maximum of a life-premise" - commented Korobko aktsiyu.Ateisticheskaya advertising campaign was launched in autumn 2008 at the initiative of the journalist that vozmutila propaganda Christianity.

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