Saturday, January 17, 2009

Son Tuvinian senator was allowed to buy French tabloid.

Arbitration Court of the French city of Lille on Thursday, January 15, allowed the youngest son of a senator from Tuva Sergei Pugachev Alexander to buy a controlling stake in a popular edition of France-Soir. That was reported by AFP.
Attributable to Pugachevu company Sablon International, which already owned 19.9 percent shares of the publication, has acquired the right to increase its share to 85 percent. The remaining 15 percent will retain Jean-Pierre Bryunua (Jean-Pierre Brunois), which owns the newspaper since 2006.
Under current legislation, companies are not from EU countries can not own shares of more than 20 percent of the shares in the French media. However, Alexander Pugachev is a citizen of France, and the court granted him the right to acquire a controlling stake.
As Le Monde wrote, referring to the Press News, Sablon International intends to invest in the tabloid substantial funds to make the issue more and more popular and quality. At present, the edition is only 23 thousand ekzemplyarov.Gazeta began in 1944 under the name of Defense de la France ( "French Defense"). After the war, the name was changed to France-Soir. In 2006, for the right to buy the competing newspaper, Jean-Pierre Bryunua and Russian Arkady Gaidamak. The staff of the newspaper went on strike because Bryunua planned dismissals. Gaidamak, who has promised not to dismiss the staff, was unable to buy the newspaper because of the current legislation. As a result of the strike France-Soir not go a month and a half.

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