Monday, January 26, 2009

Produced by NBC and CBS began preparing nekrologov Dzhobsu.

SyuzhetyBolezn director Steve Dzhobsa23.01.2009Zdorovem Apple interested in SECKommentariiUyti in ten15.01.2009Stiv Dzhobs took leave bolezniProdyusery largest telesetey U.S. began work on a nekrologov Steve Dzhobsu, Valleywag writes with reference to the source, which was contacted by representatives of the channels.
Representatives of TV channels have already calls Dzhobsa, arguing that remove "theme story" about the title Apple. Later, they admitted that in fact the pre-prepared obituary.
In January Dzhobs heavily pohudevshy over the past six months, said that the outbreak of simple treatment for hormonal imbalance. Later Dzhobs reported that the treatment has proven more difficult than he thought, and took a six-month sick leave.
Obituaries prepare in advance, many media outlets. For example, Bloomberg News in August 2008, bury "the head Apple, accidentally published" fish "obituarist in the tape.

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