Monday, January 26, 2009

Sky News has supported the decision "the BBC failed to pass propalestinsky movie.

British television channel Sky News has refused to broadcast the movie a charitable organization Disasters Emergency Committee, which gathers assistance to Palestinians injured during a military operation in the Gaza Strip, reportedly at the site of the channel. Thus, Sky News joined in the "BBC", which announced the refusal to grant broadcast of 23 January.
The head of Sky News John Riley said that the television would not broadcast the movie in order to maintain impartiality in covering the conflict in Gaza. Manual "BBC" motivated its decision earlier by the same considerations.
Meanwhile, the "BBC" has received approximately 11 thousand complaints from its viewers, the site of BBC News. About 60 members of Parliament, officially called channel to transmit video in its broadcast, with the same treatment and was made archbishop of Canterbury. On weekends, thousands of disgruntled protesters held a rally in front of "BBC" at the heart of London.
TV channels did not support the decision of Sky and the BBC, will show caused contradictory responses in his video aired on Jan. 26.

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