Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Expert" did not have enough funds on their own television.

The Russian media "expert" is not enough money to finance his television project, writes the newspaper "Vedomosti" on Wednesday, January 28.
As the publishing director, media "expert" Valery Fadeev, now the company is negotiating with several potential partners. Search for investors holding began in August last year.
According to Fadeyev, through projects such as the journal "Expert" and the rating agency "Expert RA", the company can develop the magazine "Russian reporter." But these funds are not enough to "expert-TV." Shareholders holding channel launched in December last year. "Expert-TV broadcast in Moscow, in the networks of cable operators' Academy, and in several cities millionnikah.
According to Fadeyev, holding company is looking for various options to attract financing, such as a credit against collateral of shares or selling shares in the media. In any case, for the sale of a controlling block of speech is not. Fadeyev refused to tell which package may be offered for sale or get bail, but said that the company "Bazel", headed by Oleg Deripaska, is also involved in finding investors. Recall Deripaska became co-owner of "expert" in 2006.
Valery Fadeev refused to name potential buyers. However, sources Vedomosti reported in holding that the portion of shares of "expert" may buy Russian Railways. However, Head of Corporate Communications RZhD Sergei Mikhailov in an interview with the publication of this information denied.

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