Monday, January 26, 2009

Shutka scandalous lead "BBC" once again aroused the anger of the audience.

Joke returned on the air after a three-month suspension from work of journalist "BBC" Jonathan Ross has caused a new wave of protests demanding the dismissal of its radio station, reported The Independent .
In the broadcast program producer transfer Andy Davis told Ross that his Spanish villa near the old residence, which saw him, nabrasyvaetsya with arms and kisses, so that Davis sometimes have to hide from it in the house. In response, Russia has offered to donate it to a colleague in the form of charity "last night in front of the tomb."
On the complaint of the lead touched son really living in the Spanish village of 86-year-old woman who had three years of suffering from dementia. Despite the fact that the broadcast was not the name of his mother, the listener has expressed its outrage and jokingly called the lead "inexcusable and outrageous."
To demand the dismissal of Ross joined many other listeners, who believe that such statements should have no place in the air "BBC."
Representatives of the broadcasting corporation, this time, stood on the protection of Ross, saying that he was not referring to a specific person, and he had no intention to personally offend anyone.
Recall that one of the most highly paid radioveduschih "BBC" Jonathan Ross, an annual salary of about six million pounds, was a three-month suspended from duty in October 2008. The reason for the punishment were several messages left by them in the air at the answering machine of British actor Andrew Sachs, in which Ross had discussed intimate details of life granddaughter, 78-year-old actor.

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