Thursday, January 29, 2009

Medvedev explained his refusal to condole the families of Markelov and Baburovoy.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo lawyer Markelova26.01.2009Za information about the murderer declared nagradaKommentariiBezzaschitnaya zaschita20.01.2009V Moscow shot-known lawyer and his sputnitsaPrezident Russia Dmitry Medvedev discussed the January 29, with former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, who is one of the shareholders of "Novaya Gazeta" and the chief editor Dmitry Muratov murder freelance correspondent for Novaya Gazeta "Anastasia Baburovoy and lawyer Stanislav Markelov. That was reported by Interfax. "
According Muratova, presidential debate as to why not Medvedev expressed his condolences in connection with this crime. "He explained that as a jurist considered unacceptable in such a way to give some power plants investigation - because of his sympathy to the person it would be more broad statement with the content of ratings occurred", - said Muratov.
In addition, he said, the meeting discussed the confrontation manifestations of fascism in Russia. In this regard, Medvedev has supported an initiative to create a memorial to victims of GULAG.
"Still, he said that especially love the" new newspaper "is not necessary, but respect for the fact that she criticizes the power - it is necessary. I promised that we will continue to deliver this fun," - said Muratov.
Markelov and Baburova were killed January 19 in central Moscow. The perpetrator has not yet been found. According to the investigation, the main goal murderer was Markelov and Baburova became undesirable witness to the crime.
According to the basic version of the investigation, Markelov was killed because of his professional activity. He was a lawyer journalist "Novaya Gazeta" Anna Politkovskaya, the chief editor of "truth Himkinskoy" Michael Beketov, relatives killed, Colonel Yuri Budanov Chechen Elzy Kungaevoy, as well as a number of anti-fascists activists and social movements.

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