Friday, January 23, 2009

Human rights activists demanded an investigation of diversion of materials for the murder Markelova.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo lawyer Markelova22.01.2009Sledstviyu forwarded a list of participants in the last press conference advokataObscherossiyskoe movement "For human rights" advocated an official investigation into the leakage of the case of the murder of a lawyer Stanislav Markelov. This was reported in the press release organizatsii.Ispolnitelny Director Lev Ponomarev movement called the publication of photographs on the site alleged killers, as well as information about the witness leaking intelligence information. He suggested that there might be corruption, or "over-mandated action to save the offender." According to Ponomarev, razvalit leak may cause.
January 22, on Thursday, a portal published the photo with outdoor surveillance cameras in the subway, which, according to the accompanying article, the alleged killer was captured Stanislav Markelov and freelance correspondent for Novaya Gazeta "Anastasia Baburovoy. In addition, the material was cited expert on the nature of injuries Baburovoy, as well as witness the incident, the operativnikam.
Note that the January 21, representatives of the Moscow Municipal Department of Internal Affairs said that no witness has not yet been found.
The lawyer, Stanislav Markelov, representing an advocate for a number of high-profile cases, was shot dead on January 19 Prechistenka. Student 5-year student of journalism faculty of Moscow State University Anastasia Baburova received a wound to the head and died at the hospital did not come to mind.

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