Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Ukraine, recommended not to show "Simpsons" and "Comedy Club".

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine recommended that all national television channels not to broadcast programs, films and serials, violating laws regarding the protection of public morals. That was reported by Kommersant-Ukraine. "
The list of unwanted software, among other hit channel "Comedy Club" and the TV series "Simpsons." According to the "New Channel", a Russian version of "Comedy Club" will appear on the air on Sunday after 23:00, a Ukrainian version of his TV refuses altogether.
The list also hit transmission "Post", "material evidence," "Witness," "The most famous Ukrainian maniacs," the movie "Pozhiratelnitsa men."
Despite the fact that the list named recommendatory, the heads of TV channels, he is perceived as a direct prohibition. General producer of TV M1 Valentine Koval believes that in Ukraine "the failure of the recommendations can sometimes be worse than the violation of the law."
In turn, the head of Natssoveta Vitaly Shevchenko said that the decision was taken not Natssovetom, a public authority, and channels can not call into question his decision, otherwise, will be taken against them respond.

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