Friday, January 16, 2009

The investigation will not allow the press to the cause of the crash Mi-8 helicopter in the Altai.

SyuzhetyKrushenie MI-8 helicopter on Altae15.01.2009Zakonchena investigative work on the ground collapse
The investigation has decided to temporarily not to disclose any information to the press a criminal case about the destruction of the MI-8 helicopter in the Altai, the RIA Novosti on Friday, January 16.
Agency of the decision told Tatiana Dubenyuk, the representative of the West Siberian investigating the management of transport UPC Russia. According to her, it is connected with the interests of the investigation. The only thing she could tell, is that "to conduct the necessary investigations to establish the causes and circumstances of the crash happened."
Remember, on 9 January this year, MI-8 helicopter of Gazpromavia "crashed in the Altai mountains in the vicinity of Black, on board were 11 people. Seven killed, including the authorized representative of President of Russia in the Duma, Alexander Kosopkin, managed to survive the fourth. In connection with the air crash was prosecuted under article 263 of the Criminal Code (violation of the rules of traffic safety and operation of air transport).
Remember, after the crash of the Russian media has learned that the purpose of the flight was possible poaching on the mountain sheep arhar recorded in the Red Book. Note the different sources in law enforcement, close to the investigation, told the press that the occupants were shooting at animals from helicopters. According to one version, the Mi-8 zatsepilsya propeller of a mountain slope, and so crashed.
Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has appealed to Genprokuraturu to consider bringing survivors of the disaster passengers to criminal liability in the case of poaching was confirmed during the investigation.

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