Thursday, January 22, 2009

Estonian ruling party apologized to the Jews for the cartoons.

Estonian Party "Union of Fatherland and Res Publica" (IRL), which is part of the ruling coalition, apologized to the Jewish communities in the country for the cartoons, published in the party newspaper. That was reported by RIA Novosti. Apologies have brought the party general secretary and chairman of Margus Tsahkna IRL, former Prime Estonia Mart Laar.
Cartoons published in Eesti Eest, were drawn as early as 1940's Estonian artist Vello Agora. Perturbation of the leader of the Jewish community in Estonia, Alla Yakobson, according to Postimees, led to the signature of the first drawing. A picture depicting Joseph Stalin, has been written that Stalin had decided to seize and destroy Estonia Estonian people, who disagreed with the desire of Jews to take over the world. "
The other two drawings depicted Red Army soldier holding a bottle of vodka in his hand, and arrived in Estonia, a resident of the USSR, which umyvaetsya water from the toilet.
Alla Jakobson, commenting on the publication, drew attention to the fact that the cartoon printed next to the editorial IRL leader Mart Laar. In publishing, where she stated that it was a "mistake a young employee."
As a state party that did not want to offend anyone. According to the press secretary IRL Rauno Very, cartoons were "a historic document, published in connection with articles on the occupation of Estonia."

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