Friday, January 16, 2009

Editors of opposition newspapers burnt due to careless smoker.

How to set fire experts test laboratory of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies Primorsky region, the cause of the fire at the regional edition of the newspaper Arsenevskie lead became unpaid cigarette, said on Friday agency RIA Novosti.
Remember the fire in the wording "Arsenevskih news" occurred on 3 January 2009. A fire burnt one of the editorial offices in sgorevshem office found the body of editorial staff, advertising manager Vladislava Zakharchuk.
However, as stated in the statement published on the website "Arsenevskih news" and signed by the editor of the newspaper, the victim's body had been burned and traces of soot. According to the author of the statement, the body was found in the room where the fire occurred, and in the neighboring, heavily zadymlennoy.
As the RIA Novosti, the newspaper Arsenevskie to "is the opposition and publishes materials razoblachayuschie offenses local authorities.

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