Saturday, January 31, 2009

"First Channel" will become a sponsor of "Eurovision-2009".

The Director-General of the First Channel, Konstantin Ernst, January 30, said his company's readiness to fill the shortage of budget musical contest "Eurovision-2009", informs RIA Novosti.
The budget of the international competition, which this year will be held in Moscow, was calculated before the economic crisis. According to Ernst, the crisis amounts pledged for the contest, it was not enough.
"All the shortage of budget" First Channel "assumes", - said director, adding that finally clarified the situation in April, when the fiscal year.
"First Channel" has a license to broadcast the contest "Eurovision-2009", which will be held in Moscow in May. It will be attended by 38 countries. It is anticipated that tickets for the semi-tender will be worth from 800 to 20 thousand rubles, at the finale - from a thousand to 30 thousand rubles.
International Music Contest "Eurovision" contest is held since 1956. It is attended by representatives from the countries - members of the European Broadcasting Union. In the budget competition involved the country in which the contest, and the European Broadcasting Union.
Russia in different years at the "Eurovision" was represented by Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, "Mummy Troll", Alsu, "Silver." In 2008, victory in the competition won the Russian singer Dima Bilan, making the country the host Eurovision in 2009, became Russia.

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