Thursday, January 15, 2009

Channel "Russia" declared the leader of New Year broadcast.

Software Channel "Russia" in the New Year's Eve brought teleauditoriyu greater than last year's holiday products leader telepokaza "First Channel", RIA Novosti reported, citing the results of monitoring carried out by TNS.
Experts measured rating and share programs, which went to the New Year's Eve from 21:30 to 03:00 Moscow time. According to the study, the average channel "Russia" saw 12.3 per cent of the target audience, and the "First Channel" expressed a preference for 10,6 residents European countries. Took third place channel NTV yielded notable leaders: the rating was 2.7 percent.
Experts noted that the channel "Russia" has a leader, not only on the average, but in each of the mentioned time intervals. Thus the "New Year's parade of stars with Maxim Galkin and Nikolai Baskov and blue light on the New Shabolovke-2009" collected a large audience than shedshie parallel to the "First" With the old year and New Year's Eve at the First Channel. "
At the same time that the president viewed New Russians still prefer to "First Channel."
The fourth and fifth position occupied channels TNT and STS, they spread REN TV and TV Center.

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