Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Vladimir because the fire stopped broadcasting several television channels.

To Vladimir temporarily suspended broadcasts of several Russian TV channels and radio stations. This was due to the fire incident at a technical level hotels "Dawn", where the transmitters belonging to a number of Russian media, sends agency Interfax.

In particular, it was not broadcast by television channel NTV, Ren-TV, Muz-TV and STS, in addition, suspended broadcasts of Radio Europa Plus "," My Radio "," Russian Radio "," Dynamite FM.

The fire occurred on the evening of Tuesday, January 20. Of the buildings were evacuated 348 people. In the fight involved 54 people and 20 vehicles. The fire destroyed equipment in an area of 12 square meters. The amount of damage has not yet been determined. The causes of fire is also still remain unknown. Has begun an investigation.

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