Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ukrainian TV podeshevela at 40 percent.

The "Inter", the biggest seller of television in Ukraine, January 19, issued a new pricing scheme and the spots on the air, Kommersant-Ukraine. " On average, an estimated market participants, TV podeshevela at 40 percent. The basic allowance has risen from about 50 to 69.4 per cent.
Under the new pricing scheme for telereklamu depend only on the value of the advertising budget. Five types of accommodations were replaced by two: the deployment of the first-class and low, the latter can take only customers with a budget of more than 20 million hryvnia.
The ratio of the price of Ukrainian television has also changed. Advertising on television ICTV and "New" has become more expensive than Inter, and advertising on the STB is now worth as much as at Inter. " Advertisement on other channels Inter cheaper.
Advertising group Inter company engaged in UA Media, "Pantoriya Plus" and "Good Morning." Earlier this function performed by "Internet advertising" and "Good advertising", but because of the crisis, they were unable to fulfill obligations to collect advertising for TV. The old company will operate until the payment of all debts.

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