Thursday, January 15, 2009

IDF struck missile strikes on the building of the Arabic TV channel and the UN headquarters.

Continuing: down UN humanitarian operations in Gaza
SyuzhetyVoennaya Israeli operation in the sector Gaza15.01.2009Iran agreed on a truce between Hamas and IzrailemV the center of Gaza on 15 January, an explosion occurred, presumably caused by the shelling of Israeli armed forces, transmits Reuters. Wounded two Palestinian news channel Al-Arabiya. "According to available data, in the multistorey building, known as the Tower of Al-Shuruk, are both local and foreign media, including, according to RIA Novosti, Russian Arabic channel Al-Yaum Russi. The explosion occurred in one of the top floor vysotki, so the witnesses believed that the building was hit in an Israeli missile.
The Agency explained that on the top floor of the tower earlier was one of the TV studios of Al-Aqsa, controlled traffic HAMAS.AFP announced that on Thursday as a result of shelling by Israeli forces of the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip, wounding three people from the staff of the organization . The building sheltering civilians. In building the hospital in Gaza after one of the air strikes started on fire, but reports of victims yet.
According to the Associated Press, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed outrage fact shelling the headquarters of the UN. He is currently in Israel, which is negotiating the peace settlement.

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