Friday, January 16, 2009

TV Sports has refused to buy the rights to show matches of the championship of Russia on football.

TV Sports has not filed an application for the acquisition of sublicense to show matches the Russian football Premier League. This writes the newspaper Sovietsky Sport. " The tender was announced by NTV-Plus, which has exclusive rights to broadcast meetings of the championship of Russia. Cost sublicense installed NTV-Plus "- six million dollars.
Deadline ended January 14, but none had been received. According to the producer of the directorate of sports channel NTV-Plus, "Dmitry Chukovsky, the company has no right to sell teleprava" three pennies, because the paid the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) 92 million dollars over four years. In the future, "NTV-Plus is planning to continue talks with potential buyers or sublicense to announce re-tender.
TV buying sublicense, obtains the right to run two rounds of matches the Prime League, one of them - in writing. Previously, "Sports" showed two games live and two in the recording.
President RFPL Sergei Pryadkin in an interview with online edition said that next week held talks with the TV, which is among the invited Book TV "Sports." Pryadkin expressed hope that the "Sports" will continue to broadcast matches of the championship of Russia.
Two years ago, TV Sports also could lose the rights to show matches RFPL when the NTV-Plus has signed a contract to broadcast the games. But shortly before the season-2007 Book VGTRK negotiated with NTV-Plus "on the transfer of the rights of" Sports. "

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