Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chinese propaganda out to the international level.

To improve the international image of China, the authorities intend to spend 6.6 billion U.S. dollars, reported France Presse on Wednesday, January 14.
Expensive outreach project will include the establishment of international TV channels in English, Russian and Arabic, in fact, many Chinese edition will go to the English versions and to open foreign korpunkty.
AFP said that earlier on Monday, China has published a plan of large-scale international campaign to publicize the achievements of China. In charge of ideological work in the Chinese Communist Party Li Chanchun (Li Changchun) said: "We must show the entire image of a strong and renewed China ... Great Chinese nation took its rightful place in the world. China - this country is not poor, backward and stupid."
According to the agency, the Chinese government channel CCTV to start broadcasting in Arabic, in September 2009. There will be hired about 100 staff members with knowledge of the Arabic language. In turn, State of "Xinhua open additional korpunkty abroad. About that, when the Chinese will begin broadcasting in Russian, has not yet been reported.
As noted on Thursday The International Herald Tribune, the project aims to solve the PRC, in the first place, image problems of the country in the field of human rights and freedoms, which received a negative international response during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In particular, Chinese authorities have tried to limit the access of foreign journalists in the western sites.

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