Monday, January 19, 2009

Mexican billionaire to increase their share in the New York Times.

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has been negotiating with the publishing house New York Times Sompany belonging to increase his share in the company, writes the newspaper The New York Post January 18.
68-year-old businessman, whose state is estimated at 60 billion dollars going to buy a large amount of preferred shares, does not give the right to vote in the decision-making, but provides dividends. Buying under discussion and it has yet to receive the endorsement of family members Sultsbergerov, which owns the publishing house, including the chairman of the board of directors Arthur Sultsbergera.
In September 2008, Slim acquired a 6.4 percent share of publishing houses for 118 million dollars. This made it the largest shareholder of New York Times, not a family member Sultsbergerov.
Remember, the publishing house was faced with significant difficulties because of the loss of readers and advertisers to the Internet. The situation has worsened the financial and general economic crisis, as a result of April 2008 the value of the company's shares fell more than 70 per cent.

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