Thursday, January 22, 2009

Human rights activists held an action on the ground and killing of Markelova Baburovoy.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo lawyer Markelova20.01.2009Sledstvie considers murder Markelova zakaznymKommentariiBezzaschitnaya zaschita20.01.2009V central Moscow killed a well-known lawyer and his sputnitsaPravozaschitniki January 20 event was organized in memory of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburovoy that were killed yesterday in central Moscow. According to Interfax, representatives of human rights organizations and ordinary citizens gathered at the scene of murder, on the street Prechistenka, to which they have brought flowers, candles and photos of those killed.
Agency passes, that the action was a crowded, and that because of the crowded Prechistenka was partially blocked. It is noted that the next meeting on duty policemen who ask people to leave the carriageway. Representatives of law enforcement officials said that although the action is not agreed upon with the authorities in Moscow, they will not interfere with it.
In the action was attended by representatives of human rights organizations "Memorial", Amnesty International and others, came to the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Vladimir Lukin. It is noted that among those gathered a lot of young people. The correspondent of Radio Liberty, in turn, said that the place of death and Markelova Baburovoy had a lot of journalists.
Stanislav Markelov, who was, among other things, the family lawyer Kungaevyh and journalist Michael himkinskogo Beketov, as well as a journalist "Novaya Gazeta" Anastasia Baburova were killed the day on 19 January. According to the investigation, killer approached him on the street and fired first at Markelova, and then the Baburovu, which is one of the versions, tried to seize the offender's hand. The lawyer, died on the spot and seriously injured the girl died later in hospital.
According to the basic version of the investigation, the murder of a lawyer linked to his professional activities. Baburova same, apparently by accident was near - they Markelova came together after a press conference. The investigation of the double murder took under his personal control of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.
RIA Novosti reported that the Journalists Union of Russia (WLN) will also monitor the investigation. This agency said Union Chairman Vsevolod Bogdanov. "Every time a journalist is killed, followed by reports that the investigation was taken under control and investigations are still there ... so now we have a board to make sure that in this case to come to a result" - explained the position of WLN Bogdanov .

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