Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Novaya Gazeta" asked the FSB to issue its journalists weapons.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo lawyer Markelova22.01.2009Portal published photos ubiytsyKommentariiKomu need a memory? 21.01.2009V Russia rallies were held in memory of the Advocate Markelova "Novaya Gazeta" intends to write a letter to the FSB give journalists publication weapons, Interfax reports.
According to the publication of co-owner Alexander Lebedev, journalists are forced to ask about this, because the law enforcement authorities can not ensure their safety. He noted that, "Novaya Gazeta had once sent a similar letter to the FSB.
Lebedev also said that the newspaper has long been leading the investigation, some of which have never left the publication. According to him, killed with a lawyer Stanislav Markelov freelance correspondent edition Anastasia Baburova was related to one of these investigations.
As reported, Baburova was killed in central Moscow on 19 January. According to some reports, she tried to apprehend the murderer Markelova. With the severely injured, she was hospitalized and later died in hospital.
In addition, 7 October 2006 near the entrance of his home was killed browser "Novaya Gazeta" Anna Politkovskaya, known for its investigative journalism.

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