Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama did not allow news agencies to withdraw at the White House.

The three major news agencies - Associated Press, Agence France Presse and Reuters - refused to distribute the photographs provided by his press service of the White House, after their own photographers are forbidden to remove Barack Obama in the Oval office on the first day of his term in office as President of the United States, sends agency AP.
Representatives of all three news agencies said that this restriction is in violation of a long tradition in which to withdraw the U.S. president on the first day of work in the Oval Office is not precluded. It is for this reason, the agency refused to use the White House photo.
"The use of these photographs would be a violation of established procedures and would run counter to the long tradition of independent coverage of the president and White House photographers major news agencies," - said the representative of Reuters Courtney Dolan.
For its part, the representative of France Presse Amaluy Vincent said that the ban on shooting on the first day is not seen as something serious, and expressed the view that it was not intended to further the ban on filming in the Oval Office.
According to the AP, news agencies tend to use photographs of the press service of the White House made in those parts of the presidential residence, where the media usually do not allow. Nevertheless, as the representatives of news agencies insist, Oval Office, offices of U.S. president, not a "closed", and therefore the reasons for the ban on shooting it does not.

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