Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The State Duma has refused to encode erotic transfer.

The State Duma on 28 January rejected a proposal to ban the spread of erotic and television broadcasts without coding signal, transmits "Interfax".
Amendments to the Law "On the Media" presented a North Ossetian parliamentarians. They also suggested not to allow journalists in texts using words that distort the rules of modern Russian literary language, languages of the republics and other languages of the peoples of Russia.
Under this definition, most are slang expressions. In addition, the unknown, this bill would allow the use of expressions in the languages of foreign countries and verbatim quotations from newsmakers, whose utterances do not always conform to those standards.
For the bill voted only 59 MPs while needed for the adoption of the document 299. Profile Committee of the State Duma and the government also did not support the amendment.

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