Monday, January 26, 2009

"Our Russia" is closed due to a creative crisis.

Continuing: TNT channel does not close the show "Our Russia"

Popular entertainment show "Our Russia", which goes on channel TNT, will soon be closed. This newspaper writes "Your Day" on Monday, 26 January.
According to Sergey Svetlakov and Michael Galustyan, the two main actors of the show, decided to close the project because of creative crisis. In an interview with "Your Day" Sergei Svetlakov (aka miller Ivan Dulin) reported that in December last year was 19 otsnyato series of the fourth season of the project. Fifth season, according to Svetlakova, probably will not.
"We just realized that in our case is important creative component. You can not annoy viewers same jokes! So we decided to stay at the peak of popularity and not squeeze themselves to the last, do not bring people to hatred. Rather, the channel will twist the series" Our Rashi " but it will already be repetitive, "- said Sergey Svetlakov edition.
However, according to Svetlakova, the completion of the project will yield a full length film "My Russia", which is a work in "practically finished." The exact date of entry into the movie rental party show did not specify.
Recall comedy show "Our Russia" is on TNT in 2006, the main role performed by the former members OIO Sergei Svetlakov and Michael Galustyan.

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Федоренко said...

Global crisis as russians see it

The silent horror cut out words "normally and"perfectly" from our everyday conversations and pasted cautious
"while" and “so far” instead.

The former schoolmate whom I hadn’t seen for 15 years asked me not about my family and our pals but shouted the foolish request to write about “this son of a bitch, my boss, who stopped paying four months ago”. He thought that would matter. Sorry, lad, I will not write, that doesn’t makes sence. And he told me in a back – “fat bustard”. I ran away with no offence, and not being insulted, but ashamed. For what, for whom?