Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Putin was the main hero of the Russian media during the gas conflict. "

SyuzhetyVozobnovlenie transit of gas through Ukrainu20.01.2009Timoshenko promised uninterrupted transit of gas to EvropuVo time, the so-called" gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russian media mostly wrote about Vladimir Putin. According to statistics provided by "Lente.Ru" by Medialogiya "by the number of mentions in the press from 10 to 20 January, Russian Prime heavily took second place ahead of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Putin for 11 days, the media referred to 14583 times, Medvedev - 10729 times.
Third place was taken first person of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko - the press wrote about them roughly equal frequency. They are ahead of much of heads of Gazprom and Naftogaz - Alexei Miller Oleg Dubina won the fourth and fifth places respectively. Curiously, in the first ten days of 2009, according to Interfax, Miller on this indicator ahead of Medvedev and took the second place.
"Medialogiya also calculated the index of information favored (ISS), each of these figures. That figure takes into account the influence of the media, which cited figure, his role in the communication, as well as the brightness of the publication. The championship in the ranking Putin shared with Medvedev.
But in the last three days obozrevaemogo period, Russian Prime escaped to leaders on both tests - this is due to media attention to success in the talks with Tymoshenko, believes "Medialogiya. At the same time increase the value ISS Heads of the Ukrainian government led to a 18 and 19 January, it was on this indicator ahead of Dmitry Medvedev, and became the second figure in the information field of Russia.

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Alex said...

Plus we should remember two important facts. At first, Ukraine will suffer losses because the price for using Ukranian gas pipe didn’t grow proportionally to the Rusiian gas price. Let’s make a simple calculation. Russia pays Ukraine $1,7 for transporting 1000 cubic meters of gas on 100 km. Average distance which is passed by Russian gas by our pipe aproximately 1100 km. Russia transports to Europe at least 110 milliards cubic meters of gas annually. So Ukraine gains about $2 milliards anually. And the lowest European price is $4 per 100 kilometers, so we could gain about $4,7 milliards. Accordingly we can say that Timoshenko complimented Putin about $2,7 milliards.

How much gas could be purchased by these? 10-12 milliards of cubic meters at least. Timoshenko grants Putin more than the 50% of annual gas necessity of Ukraine. Receiving the increasing of prices and Ukraine’s obligation to buy technical gas by own cost, though at favourable prices.