Friday, January 23, 2009

Israel has allowed foreign journalists from entering the Gaza Strip.

January 22, Israel lifted the ban on entry of foreign journalists in the Gaza Strip. Erez checkpoint, through which they can enter the Palestinian territory, will resume work as normal as early as Friday, January 23, transmits Associated Press.

Check for journalists in Gaza was shut down another 5 November 2008, after a threatened collapse of a truce between Israel and Hamas during the summer of 2008.

This move triggered a sharp protest from the representatives of leading world media, who decided to challenge Israel's actions in court.

Under their pressure, Israel lifted the ban on 4 December, but the December 8, he was re-introduced, and since the beginning of December 27, the military operation "Cast lead against militants of radical Islamic movement Hamas tightened.

Reporters repeatedly tried to infiltrate into Gaza illegally. Seven of them were detained by Israeli soldiers in a closed military zone. The government of Israel intends to present charges against them.

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