Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"First Channel" will return on Estonian television.

Estonian operators of cable television "Starman" and the ETS decided to resume broadcasting programs "First Baltic Channel (PBC), reported on the site Postimees.
The publication said that the operators have concluded an agreement on the resumption of the broadcast on 19 January. At the same time, company operators do not exclude that in the near future may move IBK in expensive packages of channels, so it will become unaffordable for poor people. Presumably, the low-cost packages will replace him on the social and legal channel ETV2.PBK disappeared from the ether on 12 January. In some areas of Estonia by the first thematic channel "Hunting and Fishing, in the other - on NTV Mir. IBK seven-day disconnection was caused by the fact that the company-mediator in the face of the Baltic Union sponsors and broadcasters had decided to raise prices for the right to broadcast three times. The operators of cable television broadcast programs considered further IBK unprofitable.

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