Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scandalous eminent "BBC" was allowed to return to the airwaves.

Moderation "BBC" Jonathan Ross was allowed back on air after the scandal with an obscene phone draws, France Presse reported on Thursday, 22 January.
Recall, in October last year, leading radio station Radio 2, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand during a broadcast called well-known British actor Andrew Sachs and left on his answering machine a few offensive messages (they discussed intimate details of life granddaughter, 78-year-old actor).
The next day the story hit the press, and later to the "BBC" was about 42 thousands of letters, in which listeners and readers have expressed outrage and indignation. Shortly leadership otstranilo leading corporations from the ether, despite the fact that they have Saksu a public apology.
AFP notes that the 48-year-old Donatan Ross is the most paid radioveduschim with "BBC". His reward for the three-year contract is 18 million pounds (25 million U.S. dollars). However, according to the agency, a period of three months suspension from the ether it will not be paid.
As for the comedy actor Brand, a former partner of Ross, now Brand is located in Australia, and is writing the British media, is going to take part in several comic show in Sydney.
Reported that the first guest in the studio Ross will become a Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. Yesterday in London the British premiere of the film "Operation Valkyrie", in which the actor has played a major role. Transfer from Russia and Kruzom will be aired on Friday, January 23.

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