Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zyuganov has demanded the Communist Party for half a "straight line" of Putin.

Communist Party demanded a VGTRK give party leader Gennady Zyuganovu half of air time, which used the December 4, the chairman of United Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for a "straight line" with the public. That was reported by Interfax.
Earlier, the Communists sent VGTRK inquiry to determine on what basis Putin was given free airtime. In response, according to the head of the legal service of the Communist Party Vadim Soloviev, said that the time it was given as head of government, and not as a leader edinorossov.
The Communists, as explained Solov'ev, believe that Putin's speech "was fifty-fifty as a leader in the 'United Russia' and heads of government." That is why, according to Solov'eva, the Communist Party and the need to provide half Zyuganovu airtime, which was Putin.
In the event that their claim will not be satisfied, the communists will go to court. The basis for the claim will be the constitution and the law on political parties that impose ideological pluralism in society.
"Direct Line" premiered with the people on the channel "Russia" on 4 December lasted more than three hours. According to VTsIOM, followed by nearly two-thirds of Russians. Premier answered, including the questions received by the public reception of United Russia.

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