Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wounded in assassination attempt on Markelova journalist died.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo lawyer Markelova19.01.2009Ulichnye video camera recorded ubiytsuZhurnalistka "Novaya Gazeta" and a student zhurfaka MSU Anastasia Baburova, was shot in the assassination of the lawyer, Stanislav Markelov, died in hospital. That was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the chief-editor of "Novaya Gazeta" Sergei Sokolov.
Anastasia Baburova a freelance correspondent for Novaya Gazeta. " According to Sokolova, it is informal youth movements, in particular, neo-Nazi. After the assassination attempt on Markelova it to the First Municipal Hospital in serious condition. It was a difficult operation to Baburovoy pristavili protection as a particularly important witness.
According to available data, Baburova near the Markelova, when a killer shot to the back of the head in from close range, and tried to catch the perpetrator. Then he shot and into it.
Stanislav Markelov was shot near the Metro: Kropotkinskaya about 14 hours of the day on 19 January. He was a family lawyer Kungaevyh at the trial of former Colonel Yuri Budanov. Reported that shortly before his death Markelov received threats in connection with Budanov. Protecting Budanov has already declared him not belonging to the assassination attempt.

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