Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bono spent his first column in The New York Times Frank Sinatra.

The newspaper The New York Times published on Sunday 11 January, the first column Bono, leader of the Irish group U2. Bono spent his first essay in this edition of the American singer Frank Sinatra.
Bono writes about what it thought was visited by the New Year in a bar in Dublin while listening to Sinatra's most famous songs - "My Way". According to Bono, the song built a dual meaning. To understand it, Bono invites readers to listen to two versions of songs.
Sinatra recorded "My Way" in 1969. Then, believes Bono, the singer sang his mad tired of show business, so the song sounded like parting with the scene, with the intonations Sinatra proskalzyvala prenebrezhitelnaya intonation in relation to the public.
In 1978, the song was Speth Sinatroy have otherwise - it was the sound without the posturing and, as noted by Bono, has become a kind of apology artist. "Song of the damage, broken heart," - says Bono.
Believes Bono, the talent of Frank Sinatra as the time and was that he could join in one song, two opposing ideas. Bono also remembers how he and Sinatroy in 1993 recorded the song "I've Got You Under My Skin".
The fact that Bono will work with The New York Times has learned, in October last year. Andrew Rosenthal, editor of the book, then told that Bono wrote 6-10 on a variety of topics - from poverty in Africa before the creation of Frank Sinatra.
The musician has long cooperated with many of the world's leading publications, and on a pro bono basis. Bono has also acted as the organizer of the many charity events to help the poorest countries of Africa.

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