Tuesday, January 13, 2009

British tabloid went up by 5 pence.

The cost of a number of British tabloid Daily Mirror has increased by five pence and is now 45 pence, 12 January, writes The Guardian.
Editors explain the increase in the price of the newspaper economic recession and credit crisis. Saturday the annex to the newspaper, going on Saturday Mirror will still cost 65 pence, while the Sunday - Sunday Mirror - 95 pence.
Competing with the Daily Mirror tabloid The Sun published in the News of the World advertisement for a strip. The declaration accuses The Sun Daily Mirror that the current economic climate, price increases only complicate the lives of readers, and so the costs are increased. A number of readers of The Sun costs in the 30 pensov.Daily Mirror goes with 1903. The Sun began in 1963 and exceeds the Daily Mirror on the run.

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