Sunday, January 4, 2009

In Russia, a TV channel Disney.

In Russia in early 2009 appears ethereal television Disney. Broadcast new entertainment channel aimed at family audiences, is scheduled to begin at 30 regional television stations, owned by holding "Media-1", said the report issued on Tuesday by Walt Disney Company CIS - a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.
The bulk of the new channel will broadcast products The Walt Disney Company, but planned and broadcast programs in Russia. In addition, television is planning to start production of its own programs, whose share of the grid broadcast over time will grow.
Under the agreement, 49 per cent shares of the new channel will have the "Walt Disney Company CIS." Disney Television in Russia must appear on the air in early 2009, after an agreement establishing a joint venture between Walt Disney Company CIS "and" Media-1 "will be approved by the public authorities of Russian Federation.

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