Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reuters and Politico launched a joint project.

Revision of American political publication Politico and the news agency Reuters will offer joint media articles and materials, reported The International Herald Tribune.

Newspapers that subscribe to the new service will be able to choose daily to ten articles and photos for hosting and, moreover, will have access to news Reuters.

Instead, Reuters and Politico will have the opportunity to advertise on sites of publications, putting them articles. Revenue from advertising will be shared between Reuters and Politico on the one hand and newspapers, on the other.

The first six months of service will be free. In the future, probably will be charged for the use of materials Reuters. Meanwhile, it is noted that there still is a pilot project. If it proves successful, cooperation and Politico Reuters will continue.

In Reuters, which has its headquarters in London, hoping that cooperation with the popular American edition will open the agency access to the media the U.S. market. Reuters is in the U.S. with 15 customers, while the Associated Press of 1400. For its part, subscribers to the material Politico are 60 American newspapers and more than 40 radio and television.

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