Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About 70 percent of Russians believe the central television truthful.

Among the most trusted sources of information to the Russians enjoyed a central television. He expressed a preference for about 70 per cent of the poll, conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) in late November, soobschaetcya in a press release center.
Of the 1600 respondents in 140 cities of Russia expressed distrust of the central television, 25 per cent and 8 per cent do not trust him totally, and 2 percent of those surveyed did not use this source of information. "
Second place Russians gave local television, the trust which admitted 63 percent of respondents, while the level of distrust local television about sharing it with the central (24 percent), but do not watch local television four times as many Russians - 8 per cent.
Very near the level of confidence demonstrated the central and regional press publications, which rely on 50 per cent of the population. A quarter of Russians do not trust the press, a fifth of those surveyed did not read newspapers and magazines.
According to the poll, half of Russians (51 percent) does not use the Internet, trusted information from a network of 23 per cent of users, from 16 per cent of the World Wide Web is not a matter of confidence.
The lowest level of confidence was a foreign media, information deemed accurate only 14 per cent and 20 per cent of Russians have indicated their distrust to the source. More than half the residents of Russia (56 percent) do not apply to foreign media.
Russians are inclined to trust the information received from the media than from their loved ones and friends (respectively 49 and 24 per cent). Among the reasons for such a relationship known as the following: "in the media more credible and objective information" - 33 per cent "in the media more proven, official information" - 13 percent; professionals working in the media, are better - 11 percent; information You can compare different media "- 10 per cent" of the media, there is no alternative, relatives and friends know more than me "- 9 protsentov.Esche three percent of those surveyed cited the fact that" in the media interesting, "and 25 percent of Russians could not explain Why do they trust the media more than the relatives and friends.

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