Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Only a quarter of Russians felt the media coverage of the crisis in the fair.

About 27 percent of Russians believe the economic crisis of coverage in the media objectively, while 20 percent believe that journalists exaggerate the effects of the economic downturn. This is the conclusion of experts VTsIOM, conducted a special survey.
On the other hand, 38 percent of Russians dissatisfied with the media coverage of the crisis. They believe that economic distress is reflected in the press and is frankly not enough. Another 15 per cent of respondents could not answer that question.
Curiously, the most coverage of the economic crisis in the media are satisfied with the residents of Central Federal District, as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg.
These VTsIOM poll is interesting to compare the data with the Fund "Public Opinion, which conducted a similar poll in December 2008. Then it turned out that 45 percent of Russians dissatisfied with the media coverage of the economy. 35 percent were of the contrary opinion, while another 20 percent could not answer the question.
Recall that the economic crisis in Russia has reached full autumn 2008. First, he put it in a shortage of liquidity at banks and dozens of obvale the stock market. Then began to fall and industrial production growth rate of GDP. In addition, many companies have announced significant redundancies. In November, Central Bank started to smooth ruble devaluation.

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