Thursday, January 8, 2009

The detainee Kazakh journalist has declared a hunger strike.

Editor-in-chief of "Alma-ata info" Ramazan Esergepov, who was arrested on January 6, officials announced a hunger strike. That was reported by Interfax.
He was detained by the representatives of the National Security Committee (KNB). He was taken to the Detention Unit offices CBN in Zhambyl region. Hunger strike, as described later his wife, he started on Jan. 6.
Esergepov opposed to his case was before the National Security Committee. It demands to transfer the investigation to other law enforcement agencies. Giving testimony to staff CBN journalist refused.
Siloviki accused Ramazan Esergepova disclosure of classified information. This is the article in the newspaper "Alma-ata info" dated 21 November 2008, which among other papers have been published with the KNB labeled "Top Secret" (concerning the investigation of a number of criminal cases).
In this connection, the newspaper had carried out searches, drafting equipment (computers) seized by members of special services. Almaty court, as reported publication, suspended in early December edition, but later reversed the decision.
Sam Esergepov, reportedly undergoing treatment in hospital cardiology department of the Alma-Ata. At the hospital, according to Radio Liberty, he was arrested. The period of detention - 72 hours. In the future, the question of the extent curb the court will decide.

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