Thursday, January 8, 2009

In Sri Lanka defeated the private TV.

On Tuesday, vandals smashed the biggest TV on the outskirts of the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, owned by private television station MTV, transfer agency Associated Press.Gruppa of about 20 men armed with assault rifles and grenades, arrived to the building, disarm security guards and forced them to lie on the floor. Since then, vandals destroyed equipment in the control room and studios. The building started the fire.
As the representative of the local journalism organizations, two days before the attack, the building's windows MTV threw petrol bombs. If the police then began investigating, the pogrom in the premises of the television did not happen, the agency stressed the interlocutor.
Human rights activists saw the attack on the TV as the continued persecution of free press in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, no versions of the organizers of the pogrom yet. Two of MTV channel temporarily went on the air with the help of spare capacity.

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