Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Estonian journalists will not force the authorities to rent shoes.

Message of Russian mass media that in Estonia from January 1, journalists at a press conference in the government or parliament obliged to rent shoes, that they do not кинули their officials, it was the newspaper "duck ", said the Internet edition

Information about an unusual innovation in the Russian press, with reference to the Estonian site DELFI, who in turn referred to the Estonian newspaper Eesti Ekspress. Meanwhile originally appeared in the satirical article in a section of the Estonian media.

Sam Estonian government official who allegedly said that the authorities intend to avoid the incident in Iraq, where the journalist threw обовью of Bush, was a fictitious figure. Translated from the Estonian him of "talking" name means "curse". As the, journalists, transfers and perepechatavshie satire note, simply did not notice that its irony.

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