Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"TV Center" sued the party Yabloko and Patriots of Russia. "

The" TV Center (TVC) filed a lawsuit to the parties Yabloko and Patriots of Russia, demanding the recovery of debt for broadcast given at the time campaign for the elections to the Duma in 2007, wrote Thursday in the newspaper Kommersant. The lawsuit television, according to the publication, will be considered by the Arbitration Court in Moscow on 26 December. With each batch of "TV Center" calls for 6.9 million rubles.

According to Russian law, like the publication, the party does not get more than 3 percent of the votes in elections to Parliament are required to reimburse the funds for its campaign to TV.

The head of Yabloko Sergei Mitrokhin, who Kommersant asked to comment on the lawsuit television, said that money, which requires "TV Center", his party no. Mitrokhin had made it clear that this objective filed against Yabloko action - to achieve the elimination of the party. In addition to the TV Center, recalled the publication, provided money for the broadcast of the "Apple" requires "first channel", as well as regional television. Guide "First Channel" as promised in the event of outstanding debts to file for "Apple" in court.

Representatives of the "Patriots of Russia refused any comment filed in connection with the TV Center lawsuit.

In addition to "Apple" and "Patriots of Russia" in the number of parties, which must reimburse the costs of providing them a place in television, joined the ATP, "the Civil power," Democratic Party of Russia, the Party of Social Justice and the Agrarian Party of Russia. However, their duty is not possible to recover

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