Friday, January 9, 2009

FOX Business Channel filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance, USA.

U.S. business TV channel FOX Business Network (FBN) filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance, USA. As reported at the site of the channel, the Ministry has violated the Freedom of Information Act (Freedom of Information Act), not giving reporters information about the funds, intended to save companies from bankruptcy.
Freedom of Information Act, in force since 1967, obliges the federal government to provide their inputs to citizens. The initial request filed FBN in November concerning the use of funds allocated to help companies American International Group (AIG) and Bank of New York Mellon. Another query that the channel filed December 1, dealt with similar data on the assistance of Citigroup.
"The Ministry of Finance has ignored our requests for information on the use of funds allocated for assistance to those caught in a difficult position. At a time of growing corruption and economic crisis, we as a news organization believe control of the government more important than ever" - Said executive vice president of FOX News Kevin Megi (Kevin Magee), which is responsible for operational management of FBN.

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