Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama met with conservative publicist.

The elected president of the United States Barack Obama met with prominent publitsistami-conservatives, reported The New York Times. Representatives of the newspaper attended the meeting along with other leading publications.
The meeting was held for the dinner at the home of George Will (George F. Will), a conservative columnist The Washington Post. Among the invitees were Charles Krauthammer (Charles Krauthammer) from the same newspaper, William Kristol (William Kristol) and David Brooks (David Brooks) from The New York Times and others. Interestingly, some of the participants are known as yarye criticizing Obama.
Dinner with the journalists was one of appearances in public in anticipation of his inauguration, organized after his return from vacation in Hawaii. Earlier, Obama visited the headquarters of his transitional administration, Capitol Hill and the White House, and, suddenly, a popular Washington snack Ben's Chili Bowl. The inauguration of Obama held in the U.S. capital on 20 January, the Washington power mnogomilionny expected influx of visitors.

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