Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VGTRK has responded to the request of the Communist Party of the "straight line" Zyuganov.

VGTRK has provided Vladimir Putin in December 2008 airtime for a "straight line" with the Russians as the prime minister and not as a leader of United Russia.
The appropriate response to a request from the TV CPRF agency Interfax cited the head of the legal service of the Communist Party Vadim Soloviev.
Earlier, the Communist leadership VGTRK sent a letter to respond, at which the leader of United Russia got a free broadcast channel "Russia". In turn, in response, the company states that no contract had not been, are not paid and no money from the "United Russia" has not received VGTRK.
In addition, representatives of VGTRK reported that the broadcast of "straight line" Putin aroused great interest among visitors.
Solovyov said that the television station went on the response of the Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganovu the same air time, so the Communist Party has prepared a draft letter to VGTRK a specific request for air.
According to him, as a result of the response to that letter, the party will take a decision - to go to court or the prosecutor.
"Direct Line" Putin was broadcast on "Russia", 4 December 2008. According to sociologists, the transfer, which lasted more than three hours, followed by nearly two-thirds of Russians.

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