Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miller outpaced Medvedev on upominaemosti in the media.

SyuzhetyOtklyuchenie gas Ukraine12.01.2009Ukraina re-signed the protocol on the transit of gas to ESPredsedatel board of Gazprom Alexei Miller ahead of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the number of references in the media for the first ten days of 2009. This is evidenced by data analysis systems integrated news agency Interfax.
According to the Agency, between 1 and 11 January, Miller was mentioned in 779 submissions Russian media and financial-economic and political issues. Dmitry Medvedev was mentioned 670 times, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin - 828 raz.Vysokaya upominaemost the media head of Gazprom is connected with a detailed coverage of the conflict over the termination of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine and transit of gas through Ukraine to Europe. The official representative of Gazprom Sergei Kupriyanov mentioned 359 times, and the Director of Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev - 179 times.
In addition, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko headed the top of foreigners, most often mentioned in Russian media. From 1 to January 11, his name has appeared in 589 submissions.

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