Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Advertising revenues of U.S. newspapers has declined sharply.

In the first quarter of 2009 print and online newspaper advertising from the U.S. to gain 6.6 billion dollars, writes Marketing Charts, with reference to the data the newspaper association of America (NAA). This is a 28 per cent less than in the same period in 2008, when revenues amounted to 9.2 billion dollars.
Revenue fell to print 8.4 to 5.9 billion dollars, which is almost 30 per cent. At the same time, net income declined only in the editions of 13 per cent, from 804 to 696 million dollars.
Most, by 42 percent, decreased advertising revenue in the segment of private ads. In general, as noted in the NAA, in 2009, the most dramatic decline in earnings in the history of observations.
In February 2009, consulting firm Oxford Analytica released a study stating that in the near term due to falling advertising revenue every ten print edition will reduce circulation and frequency of the output, or simply leave the market.

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