Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Novosibirsk photographer otsudil the French publisher of 200 thousand rubles.

Photos from Novosibirsk Eugene Ivanov otsudil the French publisher, and the private collector of contemporary art by Pierre-Christian Brooches 200 thousand rubles. That was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the protection of copyrights, Siberian media center Alexei Krestyanova.
Ivanov argues that Brooches used one of his photographs without permission, thus violating the copyright. The photo, which shows a ship, floating on the Ob River, appeared in the catalog by the publisher Brooches for a traveling exhibition "The future depends on you." New Rules ". The exhibition was held in August 2008.
Shortly thereafter, a member of the Union of Photographers of Russia Ivanov, has thrown into action against the Arbitration Court of Novosibirsk region, but in March 2009 statement by the photographer, it was rejected. Ivanov, however, decided to make the confession by the publisher of copyright infringement and appealed to the Arbitration Court of Appeal of Tomsk, which is 30 June and ruled in favor of residents of Novosibirsk.
Brooches himself said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Ivanov came to the photo in the catalog by accident. According to the publisher, pictures, among them photo Novosibirsk artist, he brought the editor. Brooches itself for some reason did not establish who has authored a photo. Also French collector said that he himself is often faced with similar situations - using many of its publishing house without permission. "If I had all of these cases went to court, I would have to just deal with it", - quotes agency cast.
With regard to Ivanov, it was not so long ago he appeared in court as a defendant. During the election of the president of Russia in March 2008, the photographer, who worked at a polling station in Novosibirsk, was detained by police: law enforcement officials told Ivanov that he had no right to withdraw the members vote.
The District Court found Ivanova guilty of violating Part 1 Article 19.3 of the RF Administrative Code (disobedience to legal order or request of the police forces), and appointed him to a fine of 700 rubles. The photographer has filed an appeal, but it was rejected.

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